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Funding Partners

Summer Sparks is very affordable for kids because of the generous support of partners that are committed to fulfilling the mission of the camp. Together we are committed to bring life enriching experiences to kids through music!

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Let Hope Rise Foundation - Sponsoring Organization

Let Hope Rise Foundation is the Summer Sparks sponsoring organization and also a funding partner. LHR board member Norman Jameson has provided invaluable assistance launching this camp. LHR is committed to a vision to foster community stability by helping people overcome challenges through programs of housing, crisis intervention, arts and mentoring. This vision is expressed in three ways.

Housing - Through its housing and benevolent services to provide a safe place for previously homeless families in which to live, learn, play and grow.

Arts - Provide learning opportunities in music, theater, art, languages and computers that will unleash the creative spirit in young people and open doors for a brighter future, breaking the cycle of poverty that condemns too many children to repeating the life of desperation led by their parents.

Mentoring - Inspire courage in families and young people through exposure to the possibilities that life offers; nurtured by mentors and teachers who will lead, model and encourage them.

Arts and Science Council

The Arts and Science Council is a Summer Sparks funding partner. They serves as the designated “Office of Cultural Resources” for the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County and six suburban towns by providing advocacy, cultural education programs, cultural planning, fundraising, grant making, public art and workshops and trainings for the cultural community.

They work to ensure Culture For All by combining resources from local and state government with those of the private sector to maximize community impact throughout the cultural sector.

ASC works every day to ensure access to an excellent, relevant, and sustainable cultural community for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Region.

$13.7M has been awarded in grants to artists, organizations and schools. 167,828 CMS students have been served through education programs. Our donors know that ASC is a dedicated steward of resources, and is committed to making Charlotte-Mecklenburg come alive through meaningful encounters with art, science and history/heritage.

Resource Partners

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Steele Creek Church of Charlotte

Steele Creek Church of Charlotte is partnered with Summer Sparks by providing it’s facility and technology resources as the camp host. SCCC is a non-denominational church located in southwest Charlotte that is home to people from over fifty nations.

It’s vision is to see people loving and serving Christ, their homes, the church, and the world by being and making disciples of Christ both locally and globally.

Steele Creek Church of Charlotte is one church made up of many cultures that meets in multiple locations. The church has been on the forefront of restoring families through a housing program that has provided safe housing for hundreds of people.

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The Edutainment Group

The Edutainment (AKA Mr. Nigel’s Music) is partnered with Summer Sparks by providing counsel and insight to our leadership team, and by sponsoring camp clinicians. Their vision Is to eliminate words like "disadvantaged" or "high risk" from the vocabulary, especially when referencing a child. We hope to share the life lessons we've learned along the way with each and every student we meet.

The heart and soul of the Edutainment Group, Mr. Nigel's Music, has embodied the tagline "We learn while having fun!". We’ve been sharing this vision with kids since 2006. Putting The "Edu" In The Edutainment Group, MNM Is The Brand For Our Music Classes. We Teach Children Of All Ages. Our Seasoned Instructors Are All Talented And Knowledgeable Edutainers, But More Importantly – We Love Working With Children.


Child Advocacy Partners

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Guardian Ad Litem Representative

One of the objectives of Summer Sparks Music Camp is to reach kids that may never have the financial resources to attend a camp of this quality. A Guardian Ad Litem is a person the court appoints to investigate solutions that are in the “best interests of a child.” Our GAL representative helps us locate kids in need that could benefit from the experience of Summer Sparks Music Camp.

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Summer Sparks Volunteers!

If you are interested in volunteering your time or resources we’d love to get to know! Our talented and diverse team is always looking for people that want to help us change a small part of the world in the Charlotte region. We need parents, musicians, teachers, speakers, artists and visionary people that want to spend a week of their summer making a difference. All our volunteers go through a screening process.